What is World Wide Web

We are sure that you heard about World Wide Web. What exactly is this?  It’s just like a huge electronic book. The pages of this book are stored on multiple servers which are available across the world. These pages are carefully connected with the use of links called “hypertext”. In case of a book, we shift from one page to other in a sequential manner. In case of World Wide Web use of the web of hypertext links are made to visit all intended page or information. In short, we can say World Wide Web is actually an interconnected web made of documents known as Web Pages. It also includes pictures, videos, audios, and much other online content which gets formatted in HTML and users can access it via HTTP.

It was in the year 1991 when the concept of World Wide Web was designed by none other than Tim Berners-Lee. If you are mistaking it as internet then you are wrong. It is actually a network connection which allows users for sending mail for accessing World Wide Web.

Things to know about WWW:

♦ A Client-server system.

♦ One can view the Web pages via a Web browser.

♦ The Web browser acts as a universal client.

♦ Web browsers are platform independent turning the concept to access the WWW platform independent.

♦ The environment in which WWW operates in completely stateless.

♦ Both Web Server and Browser interact with each other using HTTP as well as port no. 80

What Exactly is HTTP: HTTP means hypertext transfer protocol.  It is actually the front-end protocol which is used by the World Wide Web. It decides how messages will be formatted and transmitted; it also decides the actions of Web Servers and Browsers in response to different commands.

What Do You Mean by URL:  URL means Uniform Resource Locator. It means specifying the exact location for a web page which the user wants to browse. URL supports in specifying different protocols for many services which the user wants to access.

The 3 components are:

• The access protocol.

• The machine Domain Name on which information resides.

• The local path name for identifying the file.

Intranet: It is an important constituent of the internet in numerous numbers. It forms an integral part of the internet.

Internet: It is actually Network of Networks.  It is a collection of Packet-switched networks. Their networks are interconnected via routers and gateways,