What is MozRank

MozRank may sound similar to PageRank but it differs in many ways! It is mainly a link popularity score and it is there to reflect the importance of a web page. It can be a great way to improve the SEO regime. And we all know SEO holds a greater value when it comes to make a top position of a website in Google ranks.

How is MozRank scored?

MozRank is Moz’s version of Google’s classic PageRank algorithm. It is noticed that it is only determined by the number of pages linked to the website. In other words, it can be said that this regime is there to measure the quality and quantity of those links which are on a landing page in particular. It also comes with a logarithm scale between 0 and 10.

What is Good MozRank?

Actually, there is no specific MozRank score which you can call good or bad. But if it comes to higher score then it indicates the links connected with the page, sub domain or root domain.

Places to Get MozRank-

Generally, MozRank is a metric and gets find in Moz’s SEO tools. You can find MozRank in followings-

Open Site Explorer- here is one option and that is “Compare link metrics” and this is helpful to compare a site’s backlinks and top pages.

MozBar- it is there to quickly identify and solve the SEO problems. And it also discovers opportunities without interrupting the workflow.

Ways to Improve MozRank

Well, it holds this much importance in SEO regime then why not you learn the possible and easy ways to improve MozRank.

It can be improved simply by creating internal links or obtaining external links from the pages which have higher MozRank. It is noticed that between these links, external links hold more weight when it comes to page authority and boosting ranks in Google. Along with these, it can be mentioned that more number of links from the pages which have higher MozRank, can easily boost the Mozrank (of that page, for which you are working) by a great amount.