What is Domain

Domain name is there to successfully identify one or more IP addresses. On the other words, it can get said that Domain name is nothing but a web address which people type into the address bar of the browser to find the website. All the registered domain names are unique and there is no scope to get used by anyone else. In order to make the fact clear it can be said that the domain name regime acts on the internet just like a street address in the mundane world.

Importance of a Domain Name

A lot of business organisations prefer to reach to the potential customers through the online regime and in order to establish the business on the internet, the business organisation needs to get a domain name. On the other words, in order to make the unique online identity there is the utmost need of a domain name, website and the email address. It not only offers you the unique business identity but also offers increased brand awareness, opportunity to build credibility and protection to trademarks and copyrights.

Types of Domain Name

It is noticed that every domain name has specific suffix in order to indicate which top level domain it is of. The followings are of that domain-

.com- commercial business


.gov- government agencies

.edu- educational institutes

.net- network organisations

.mil- military

Best Ways to Choose the Perfect Domain Name

First of all, it needs to keep in concern that domain should be easy to pronounce and type. If the internet users find the domain name complicate to type or pronounce automatically it will lack the public interest and it directly affects the business making regime.

Actually, picking a domain name which can be the brand name is important. Actually, if the brand name and the domain name start to differ the customers will find it complex to hire the service or purchase the product.

The domain name needs to be short and simple. Actually, it is noticed that long names are complicated and there is huge chance of mistyping and misspelled.

A domain name needs to become unique so that people can recognize your brand separately. And any other business organisation cannot take the advantage of your brand popularity.

Lastly, it can be said that the domain name should be in alignment with the activity and goals of your business so that the customers have an exact idea of your business.