Types of SEO

When you check online you will come across some tonnes of websites. Each one of them holds a different rank in search engine. If you are a website owner, then you will target to position your website in top pages of the search engine.

This is the sole reason for which webmaster is in need of SEO. With SEO techniques, the webmaster will bring improvement in the rank as well as visibility of the website in search engine this will in turn help in driving more traffic to the site.

There are multiple companies offering SEO services for improving website ranks and visibility. Such companies make use of different tools and methods for SEO. These methods are popularly termed as hats.

There are Three Types of SEO Methods:

White Hat SEO:  This method is considered the best for bringing improvements in the ranks of a website. White Hat strictly follows all rules as well as guidelines for the search engine. The key methods which are part of this SEO technique are:

•    High quality original and unique Plagiarism free content development

•    Optimization of the HTML code

•    Use of industry-based keywords effectively in the contents

•    Making of physical research for content

Webmaster can take advantage of the above methods for doing White Hat SEO. White Hat SEO strictly focuses on the quality of shared content.

Black Hat SEO: The name speaks well about this technique which is completely opposite to that of the techniques adopted by White Hat SEO. This technique makes effort to detect the weaknesses present in the search engine algorithm for making its exploitation. This technique strictly avoids following the rules of the search engine. The sole focus of Black Hat SEO remains restricted to the search engine in place of a human.  Some notable techniques which are adopted by Black Hat include:

•    Spamming of link

•    Keyword stuffing

•    Hidden text and content

•    Link farms

•    Scraping

This method can give success in shortest possible time by improving rank. This technique is quite risky as if a search engine detects that website is applying Black Hat SEO, it can ban website either temporarily or permanently.

Grey Hat SEO: Well, this technique is a perfect mix of White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO and so named as Grey Hat SEO. In this method mix and match of both the methods are done to bring the desired result for the website like the grey colors comes after mixing black and white.

Maximum SEO companies make use of Grey Hat SEO techniques. This method of SEO will ensure not to cross the boundary of Black Hat SEO but we cannot even consider it as White Hat SEO even.  SEO companies take advantage of the techniques of White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. This is done intentionally for targeting higher rank in the pages of search engine. The level of perfection achieved with the use of Grey Hat SEO technique is moderate.

At last, we can conclude that there is no such method which is completely good or completely bad. All have a certain level of advantages and disadvantages and it’s your choice what you want and the level of risk you can afford.