What is On-Page Optimization

On-Page SEO is the type of SEO. On page is mainly optimized each page for search engine crawlers like Google, Bing. On Page search engine optimization is the process of converting website user-friendly. User-friendly means easy to read the content of the website and get information, which user want. On page SEO generally deals with fully the changes in the coding design of the website.

On-page optimization refers to such activities which are done directly by the SEO expert on the website. This is done for improving the position of the website for search rankings.

On Page Gives Importance To:

Content on the Page: When you are drafting a new content for the website, you have your keywords in hand.  You need to make the perfect utilization of the keywords to make the content stand out on the page.

Relevant Business Content on the Webpage: Using the industry-specific keyword in the on-page content is enough from the SEO point of view.  It needs to be relevant to the business profile. Overuse or stuffing of keywords should be avoided as this will make the post sound unnatural.

Content Length: As per records longer content is preferred by Google based on Backlinko’s study, but you cannot consider it as a rule for all websites. Here an SEO expert can guide you better to decide the right length of the content. On page SEO also keeps a strict eye on the formation of the page title, header tags, Meta description and Meta title.

Website Structure & Internal Linking: When the discussion is on website’s structure, the major thing that will come to mind is as for how pages get connected with each other and how perfect and logical the navigation will be between these pages.

Images: Photos are something that impacts your loading time and on the other hand search bots fail to ‘read’ them like other media files.  Use of The ALT text need to be used to describe photo or video and must include the main keyword for targeting. But again keep in mind to much keywords stuffing here too can affect the performance of the site.

URL:  It is advisable for you to make use of static URLs on your pages.  The reason behind this is that it is highly descriptive and will help in getting good rank if same is having the main keyword and drafted in a well-structured manner.

On Page SEO, If done carefully by an experienced and knowledgeable SEO expert can boost the position of the website on search engine pages.