What is Page Authority

When we look for some specific category of website we make use of an industry specific keyword and then search on browser. We will get a list of web pages displayed on front page of the search results. There may be many websites making use of same keyword but the used content as well as description are different and also displayed in a different way in different web pages.

Some may appear in 1st place of search page and some in the 2nd. But what exactly decides the rank of the websites. Term page Authority- This concept works here. Page Authority concept is used for analyzing the probability of a particular page which can be found in any search engine. Having higher page authority will give a brighter chance of appearing in the search results.

How Can One Score the Page Authority

The page authority is calculated based on the logarithm scale from 0 till 100 points. The method is easy and one can use it to improve the rank of the site. When one page is designed it automatically gets a score of 10 points. To improve the rank and move to the 70-80 point scale, the page need to have good quality content, title, some information which is relevant for the readers. Such scores keep fluctuating depending on the algorithm from time to time.

Algorithms of Search engine keeps changing every time. Although there is no such specific pattern to reach the highest rank there are specific factors which play an important role for ranking.

Fresh Content: Search engines are always in search of new content. Websites are filled with pages but what makes the competition so hard?  The content available on the pages in decides the rank of the page lot. Information need to get updated frequently. Content info need to be relevant, useful as well as easy to read.

Images: Use of Text presents a descriptive language.  On the other hand an image will help to drive more traffic for the website. Besides keywords people will also search a website with images. You need to make the application of descriptive ALT text.  This will help the images to be found on the search engines.

Linking pages: Links are created between one pages to the other pages. Such links actually raise awareness in the minds about the site.  It will support the search engine to get an idea as why your site is better than other sites. This way page authority gets increased.