What is Domain Authority

If you check you will see that several Thousands of fresh websites are launched every day. Why one needs a website? The sole purpose behind the same is that they want to be in the limelight via the internet and want to have their personal profile. They target to create their own site which can appear on the top page of Google. There are several websites available on the internet and only selected few are famous.

In Short, Domain Authority is actually a search engine ranking score. This score helps in determining as for how well the website will rank on the Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

Well, the concept of Domain Authority was introduced by Moz! You will come across many bloggers who actually think that it was introduced by none other than Google.  In reality, Moz takes its ownership.

Domain Authority, Score Calculation: For single Domain authority, score calculation is done by evaluating the linked root domains, a total of the links, MozTrust and MozRank. This way with the use of this score you will get the chance to calculate the website strength.  You can also compare the same with other website’s ranking strength across the time!

Domain Authority checker tools:  Good numbers of Domain Authority checker tools are now available starting from Chrome browser extensions to other free SEO toolbars.  Aside to this, there are many other online marketing websites & platforms which can support you in Domain Authority checking.

Use the Below for Website DA Checking:

• MozBar

• Open Site Explorer

• Keyword Explorer SERP Analysis section

• Checkmoz

• Mozscape AP

Domain Authority Score: Domain Authority range scale starts from 1 and extends till 100. Higher the scale range better is the page ranking possibilities! DA decides the ranking strength of all domains or even sub domains.  It gives an estimated calculation as how competitive the website is for the Google Search results.

Why is DA Important: It is important for a website owner as it helps in analyzing the strength of the website when in competition with others for search engine rankings. It will let you know if people accessing online will get the scope to locate the website on Google or not.

How to Improve DA Ranking: Improving the DA will help to rank the site better.

♦ Link Building

♦ Strengthen the interlinking

♦ Comment

♦ Increase the opening of the website

♦ Social media marketing