Blog Commenting :  Why It’s Important?

Heard about Blog Commenting? Well it can be defined as one type of relationship which can be established between blogs, bloggers as well as the readers of those blogs. It’s a brilliant way which can be used for the exchange of ideas, thoughts or even opinions about what exactly people fee or think regarding a particular topic or even a blog post. Blog comments can be used intelligently   for attracting traffic as well as to make the blog social.  Many are not aware of the fact that this commenting method is used by the SEO experts in making a blog popular. A question may still come to your mind as why SEO needs the support of blog commenting. Scroll down to know about it.

ο Backlinks :  One of the prime reasons to invest in blog commenting is to get backlinks. If you feel that the website is unable to get the required amount of traffic, one vital reason for the same can be that the site is not getting  the required authority from the search engines.

ο Traffic: Anyone who will take the pain to give comments on a blog will surely leave a back-link. This clearly indicates, back-linking is a medium to be used for driving traffic. You need to make sure that you are not commenting just randomly as that will not help you to achieve the main purpose. The comments must be the one which is relevant to the blog and in regards to the context only.

ο Brand Recognition: If you are commenting on others blog, you are doing that for your niche so as to drive potential visitors to your site. In case users or visitors are not giving comments to your blog, still your brand will be enough for making a solid impression in their mind. In future they may consider you for your product or service.

So that commenting on blogs of your niche from today.