Java Tutorial

Java is popular in the IT industry as a high-level programming language. In short, we can mention that Java is a common-purpose computer-programming language.  The key features includes: concurrent, object-oriented, class-based, and carefully designed to offer implementation dependencies which are actually possible. It has the power to produce software for many platforms. Well, it was initially developed by Sun Microsystems and was launched in the year 1995. As already mentioned Java is capable to runs on many platforms, and that includes Windows, Mac OS, and many versions of UNIX.

This Java tutorial will give a complete knowledge of Java. This tutorial will take one through many simple and practical processes at the time of learning Java Programming language.


Well, this tutorial is specially crafted and designed for all beginners to allow them to understand all basics to advanced concepts which form the major part of Java Programming language.


Before you take the decision to start practicing the lessons and practical given as examples in the tutorial we have one question? Are you aware of computer programs and computer programming languages? If yes, then that is excellent and if not then it’s mandatory that you gather knowledge on this before following the tutorial.