Android Tutorial

Android is known to be an open source having Linux-based operating system which is used for mobile devices like smartphones in addition to tablet and computers.

Android was designed and launched by the Open Handset Alliance (OHA). It is led by none other than Google, and many other companies.

The Android Tutorial will teach you in detail about the basics of Android programming. The tutorial is designed in such a manner so that you can gain some advance concepts which is related to development of Android application.


Well this tutorial is designed and prepared keeping in mind the beginners and to help them understand basic Android programming. After making the completion of this tutorial students will find them at a very moderate level expertise in the Android programming. If students wish they can carry them forward from there to the very next levels of Android programming.


Android programming is completely designed based on the Java programming language. As a student for this tutorial if you are having basic understanding and knowledge on Java programming then for sure you will find the tutorial for Android application development a fun loving one.